Thursday, 8 June 2017


Colin Cameron

Which way does the path approach the vistas boon or bane
Is it only one way in, no retreat, will life ever be the same
And will the view panoramic, bond with the inner soul
Provide the very breath of life, and grant wonders free parole
The hazard is within the bounty, beauty only nature can bestow
Of softer hues, rugged rocks, a million trees swaying to and fro
Or sailing tall ship schooners, tossed, as storms seek stories in tragedy
To capture rapture on canvas framed, adventure seeking parody
Standing on an icecap, north or south in every which way to face
To search ethereal realities, in the wisps of time born hungry space
Will laughter shade the wallowing, in pewter mug n ale
Bawdy house, and red flushed maids, serving rapacious shameless male
Desert scenes with travellers, bound against the grit and sand
Dromedary ships in endless line, honest caravan or contraband
Of all the journeys offered up, even forests and the untilled planes
All are bound within the quests of imagination, to all our own souls gains
As a sip of water, sip of wine, intoxicating are these scenes to behold
So go, sup of the ambrosia of the gods, enter each by the realities paths of gold

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